UX/UI Design

Complete branding and UX/UI solution for MProfit, cloud-based portfolio management and accounting application

The Product

MProfit is a leading software for portfolio management and accounting. They have been operating with only a desktop software thereby limiting their reach in today's growing tech-enabled environment.

Designaren provided a holistic design solution from brand identity design to UX/UI design to re-position MPfrofit as a new-age software solutions provider in the FinTech space.

What we did

We collaborated with the client to understand in depth the current user journey, pain points and business goals to apply to the user experience for the desktop and web-based application.

The new UX/UI took into consideration the working style of large family offices and chartered accountants as well as their familiarity with the existing system. While ease of use was the key objective, we ensured that at no point there would be room for errors in entering key financial data.

I have worked with designaren on multiple projects. Working with the team was great because they really understood the business objectives we were trying to achieve.

-Manish Jain, Advisor to MProfit

Designaren was readily available during critical times such as the technical implementation of the app.

-Manish Jain, Advisor to MProfit