Branding Strategy and UX/UI Design

We are building White Collar Hippie's new host-led experience discovery and booking platform

The Product

White Collar Hippie is about bringing incredible outdoor and offbeat travel experiences to the urban traveller. They had been operational as a traditional, fixed departure-group travel company offering unique trips across India.

In order to provide the growing user base more experiences to choose from as well as to automate the discovery and booking experience, White Collar Hippie is introducing their own online platform of unique, host-led experiences.

What we do

Designaren has taken complete ownership of White Collar Hippie's product development and works closely with the founder and development team to build the product from the ground up. An agile process has been adopted to develop individual modules based on user feedback and business goals.

Not only does the tech platform reduce the manual dependency of the traditional business model, the platform now allows White Collar Hippie to track the user interaction, and use these analytics for marketing, messaging and creating new experiences.

We offer continuous support for how modules and design thinking are migrated into the product.